Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Dont compromise for anyone, if you know you can't handle something and you can't deal with it then don't keep letting it happen. Theres only so much you can say, you'll get tired and start to think you nag a lot. This nagging person is not you. You can't choose the friends someone wants to have, or what the person decides to do with their life. You can let the person know that what's going on isn't right, but you can't force or impose what you want on them. Its their choice to listen if they want to change or not.

You can take the horse to the river , but can't force the horse to drink the water. Have you ever heard of this? its actually really true well in my own opinion, you can give someone an opportunity to do something or you can tell them to change some things they do, but you can't actually make them change neither can you  force them to do it. Its the person's choice to change or not. Sometimes you have to let people make their own mistakes and learn from their own experience. They say experience is the best teacher.

If you're in this position with someone in your life, just keep doing you support them and show that you care don't force change on anyone keep praying for them thats the most amazing thing you can do for them. Don't judge them, you're in no position to we all make mistakes. If you feel that because of this person or these people or whatever it is, you're backsliding then pray about it and God will surely show you the way and if God decides to let you know thats not the right environment for you then keep your distance and don't try to go back. God always knows best. " Do not be deceived, Bad company ruins good morals"1 Corinthians 15:33

Just keep doing you and the Lord will continue to show you the way

Just a quick reminder from an amazing book i read by Late Pastor Bimbo Odukoya, Nobody can make you inferior without your consent, if anyone makes you feel less of a person then this is what you have allowed. It is what you allow that will keep happening, if you don't allow something then it won't happen.

Have a blessed day


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