Thursday 4 June 2015

In life , not everyone will treat you the way you treat them. Continue to do good and the good lord will reward you. He sees everything that is going on, he alone can be the judge to everything .
The enemy will try to bring you down, make you feel like you are nothing but do you know what?
You are seated with the creator in heavenly places. Do not let anything bring you down

Its not going to be easy i have been going through some struggles these few days but i know a testimony is coming my way
Do not let your circumstances or situations be the reason why you wont pray or praise God
In hard times what gets me through are worship songs
It reminds me of the fact that he will never forsake me

Don't give in, everything is going to be okay you are going to be fine
In the end you will laugh it all off and be like i remember those days
You are anointed, the devil fears anointing
You have authority to speak on what you want
Claim that authority and act on it today


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