Saturday 28 February 2015

So today i was watching a video i recorded on my phone of my brother answering some questions about his wife and their relationship. As of then she was still his fiancé, and i just came to a conclusion that love is a beautiful thing when you find the right person.
   Love is so beautiful, you won't even need to be told before you know thats the right person because everything will just fall in place and it'll all start to make sense why the others didn't work.
  They are so cheerful, they love each other so much not just by them saying it but you can see it from the way they talk, the way my brother answered those questions with so much love in his heart.
 It is truly a beautiful thing, i believe everyone has a soulmate honestly. I mean don't get me wrong obviously you guys are going to argue its normal for couples to argue. But all those petty issues and all, it'll just be different and you'll know. Their love is also built on an amazing foundation which is God, once you have God i believe everything will work out well.
So guys please don't settle for less or compromise for anyone because you want to get married, or because most of your friends are in relationships . Don't do that, don't waste your time on someone who is not worth it, don't waste your time on someone who would make you say"i wish i didn't, only if i had".  Don't waste your time on relationships that won't take you anywhere or relationships that don't have a foundation of God in it.
Theres no way it'll work out if God isn't the foundation. just wait for the right one and trust me it will be worth the wait.
Have a blessed day guys

Friday 27 February 2015

Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God
Believe when you pray
Call Jesus with the attitude of faith and things will happen
You have authority over your life by the power of God
Just hang in there and don't give up, even if it seems like everything isn't going right trust me it will all start making sense soon.
Don't turn to man, just speak to God you're not a failure or a loser
Command your joy, there is joy in living even if you don't get what you want its part of our circumstances.
He is an amazing God, be joyful always

Rejoice and be glad because great is your reward in heaven.


Wednesday 25 February 2015

My best gospel song at the moment has to be Micah Stampley- Desperate People
The first time i heard this song was at church but i didn't really understand the song then, months later i was on my way out with some friends and she played this song in her car and i just fell in love while i listened to every word.
This song spoke to me, like i could relate to every word all i could do was cry.
Immediately i got home, i had to go on google to type the little lyrics i knew and then i found the song and i played it all week till today. When i just feel down and sad, i listen to this song and honestly it just makes my day better.

You should listen to this amazing song and i hope you'll be blessed as you listen.

Dont compromise for anyone, if you know you can't handle something and you can't deal with it then don't keep letting it happen. Theres only so much you can say, you'll get tired and start to think you nag a lot. This nagging person is not you. You can't choose the friends someone wants to have, or what the person decides to do with their life. You can let the person know that what's going on isn't right, but you can't force or impose what you want on them. Its their choice to listen if they want to change or not.

You can take the horse to the river , but can't force the horse to drink the water. Have you ever heard of this? its actually really true well in my own opinion, you can give someone an opportunity to do something or you can tell them to change some things they do, but you can't actually make them change neither can you  force them to do it. Its the person's choice to change or not. Sometimes you have to let people make their own mistakes and learn from their own experience. They say experience is the best teacher.

If you're in this position with someone in your life, just keep doing you support them and show that you care don't force change on anyone keep praying for them thats the most amazing thing you can do for them. Don't judge them, you're in no position to we all make mistakes. If you feel that because of this person or these people or whatever it is, you're backsliding then pray about it and God will surely show you the way and if God decides to let you know thats not the right environment for you then keep your distance and don't try to go back. God always knows best. " Do not be deceived, Bad company ruins good morals"1 Corinthians 15:33

Just keep doing you and the Lord will continue to show you the way

Just a quick reminder from an amazing book i read by Late Pastor Bimbo Odukoya, Nobody can make you inferior without your consent, if anyone makes you feel less of a person then this is what you have allowed. It is what you allow that will keep happening, if you don't allow something then it won't happen.

Have a blessed day


Tuesday 24 February 2015

The ball is in your court

In life you need to separate yourself from certain people in order to know where God is taking you. You can't please everyone neither can you try to be on everyone's good side.
People will always talk and see something in you that is wrong, but Guys this is where God comes in and you.  You need to sit down and ask yourself some certain questions, talk to God about it as well and listen to what he says. People are always going to talk whether its good or bad, this is where you then make a Choice to listen or to ignore them.
  This month has been one hell of a ride for me, I've learnt so much about myself,  friends, family, God , life and school.  God just showed me everything, before i decided to make this blog I've been thinking about it for a while but i didn't just give it that much attention.Since i started I've felt nothing more than joy and happiness from within like its not fake. I've been so happy with my life and so content with everything.  I use to complain a lot , i use to be the one to make efforts in friendships and all that, be too nice,  care so much about people, be too open to people, be too warm and friendly i use to compromise as well, i use to care what people thought or how they felt about me. Then i looked at myself after speaking to an amazing amazing person who has encouraged me so well with this journey, i looked at all these aspects and i was so disappointed in myself. Don't ever ever let anybody be the source of your happiness or joy. Don't ever let someone bring you down because darling you're a King and a Queen seated in heavenly places. Nobody has the right or the source to your happiness except you. Don't let no one tell you otherwise. Change is constant, if you feel you need to act in some certain ways so God can really show you the way then go ahead because in the end you were born alone into this cruel word. You don't owe no ONE any explanation for what you do.  You are who you are and if they don't like it then they are not really who you call them. Not everyone will place you the same way you place them, not everyone will do the things you can do for them thats just life. Greatness can only be seen when you choose to come out of the crowd, the ball is in your court enough of all this, life is not that personal. Don't make petty things bother you, things that don't even matter theres so much to do with your time honey than for you to care what people think. If they don't appreciate you then thats fine sweetie because you don't need everyone to accept you, the LORD accepts you thats more than enough. MAN can't do nothing for you. In the presence of the lord, there is fullness of joy so get all those petty things off your mind. You won't notice how strong you are until you create an atmosphere  for your expression. Someone sent me this saying "you need to find a company of people that will help you develop into what your world can celebrate". The seed of greatness is in you so please cultivate the right  environment.  Remember the enemy's worst fear is when you get to know exactly who you are, don't let the world tell you what you're not. Start taking control of your life . Revaluate guys as your life changes so will your circle its just growth happening don't try to mend it. And never give expectations to anyone.

Hava a blessed day guys



What does it mean to give thanks? To praise God no matter what the situation might be. 
        You can't be complaining every time and say you are giving thanks to God, you need to release yourself and sing, dance with you heart, body, mind and soul.  Remember the story of Paul and Silas, they sang and the Holy ghost came down.  Dance to the lord David danced with all his might , don't even bother who is looking at you or what they are saying just keep dancing. 
    Stop complaining, if you always complain you'll never appreciate what you have."Keep your life free from love of money, and be content with what you have for he has said  i will never leave you nor forsake you" Hebrews 13:5 . 

Give thanks always, do not let your situation be the reason why you stop giving thanks
Praise helps in many ways. you'll be very surprised 


Monday 23 February 2015

Its a new week and new blessings have been released. I just want to let you know that God is with you and he will never leave you. I am a testimony to that, Please be happy and always smile you might wonder what is there to smile about but you have life thats more than enough. Many are sick and are dying looking for help but you can talk and smile without any pain please be happy.

As you start a new week, May the Lord walk with you, may he be with you and guard you
Guys don't be afraid, some of us have midterms this week just breathe, smile and pray
No course is going to defeat you, you will do well in all your courses i just need you to believe
Dont stress, dont cry, don't feel like all hope is lost even if things are not going well remember that God will never forsake you. Do not be afraid of any exam as you start this new week, start with positive energy and let God in. Rest and let God fight your battles

God said it, You believe it and that settles it

God bless you


Hey guys, hope you guys had an amazing weekend and a blessed sunday. I hope you all went to church, the bible says where two or more are gathered the presence of the lord is among them, so always do your best and go to church.
Not just that, You never know when your word will come, the lord uses his servants to pass messages across to us. Some of us might be going through some issues and need God to speak but you feel like he hasn't spoken, if you come to church you just never know when that word will come and thats when God will just speak. Please try not to miss church, don't let the devil use you by letting other things come first before your own lord and don't be too big to praise him.

Have a blessed week guys and God bless


Saturday 21 February 2015


A fool gives full vent to his anger,but a wise man keeps himself under control" - Proverbs 29:11. Today's topic is on Anger, Guys many of us let the devil win by not controlling our anger.
Why is this?  Anger is not of the lord, it makes us do things that we won't do on a normal day. Mans anger does not bring the righteous life that God desires for us, when your angry different thoughts come to mind which is the devil speaking to you and trying to manipulate you. Many of us let the devil win by giving a response. Guys do you know not all situations need reactions, sometimes you don't need to reply to every thing someone says to you. I had a friend who used to say silence was the best answer for a fool, i thought she was just being immature and all but it always worked for her because she never got into any heated arguments or fights. That silence you might wonder thats so immature, "i need to say my mind and let the person know i was hurt too and their wrong" but do you know two wrongs don't make a right. While you're there trying to talk and explain yourself do you know the person might not be listening to you, most people don't actually listen to understand you but instead they listen to reply you and then the conversation won't go anywhere. But when you're silent and you don't speak you'll actually see how its going to benefit you so much, because then you won't give the person any reply and when the person is tired of talking they'll leave and most times they feel very stupid. Anger is of the devil guys, if someone is annoying you or saying something you don't like and you already told them you don't like it. If this person continues, then just walk out of that room and pray about it after praying do something to keep you busy. Some people are just very jobless, they don't have anything to do so they love to tease people a lot without actually thinking. This is where the devil starts to do his useless work, he'll start trying to manipulate you in your head you'll be hearing things like "how can you let him or her talk to you like that, are you dumb? you're not even strong". You don't need to prove yourself to anybody, anyone that thinks you need to fight to speak to everything anyone says that person is not a good friend probably still immature and doesn't have christ in him or her. I know yes we are young and when some one does something stupid, even though in your own mind you don't want to react but you just want to show your guys that you are a bad babe or bad guy. After showing that your a bad babe or guy please tell me what did you achieve? did they give you a medal or oh you earned mans respect but failed your own lord. What a shame, guys please we need to be wiser and not let the devil use us like this. When you're in the spirit, and you pray well nothing can happen to you. Guys yes i get angry sometimes, and i just want to address the person and react but then i think what am i gaining from getting angry and reacting. Just come out and tell your friend you didn't like what they did and if they own up to it and apologize then just forget it and act like it never happened don't bring it up again its called forgiveness and when you forgive you also forget what the person did don't use it to judge them later. Remember you do a lot of things in secret, but God forgives you so who are you not to forgive?. Don't let anger get the best of you, you'll end up saying things you would regret and at the end of the day you'll wish you never said or did it in the first place and theres nothing worse than " i told you so, i wish i never said it or only if i had listened". When am angry and i need to vent, i cry out in my room and speak to God on how i feel and it always works  don't turn to man first for comfort always go to God he will always be there and speak to you through his words(the bible). Music helps me too , don't let the devil use you and don't get angry till the next morning well i use to be like this i could keep a grudge till the next day but i realized i can't claim that i love God and am saved if am doing that. " In your anger do not sin, do not let the sun go down while you're still angry".  So guys you  never know what tomorrow would bring so if you're angry with anyone right now or you're keeping a grudge just call that person, go to them , apologize if you're wrong and even if you're not wrong just make peace and love them before its too late . " Blessed are the peacemakers for they will be called children of God".  Don't let pride get in your way. "When pride comes, then comes disgrace, but with humble is wisdom"Proverbs 11:2.

Thank you so much for reading



Thursday 19 February 2015


What does it mean to give? . Well according to the dictionary Giving means to freely transfer, provide or supply something to an individual or a group of people, or an organization.
Giving is amazing and is something we should all partake in as christians and as humans. Some of us were born with a silver spoon meaning you were born into a rich family, not everyone has that opportunity and thats why we need to give to others and love each other equally.
When you give, you're not just helping but God will reward you and it'll be more than what you gave. During christmas, i went to a children's hospital to give and also just play with them and see how everything was going, thats how i was able to take that beautiful picture with that amazing young lady over there. I donated some items to this hospital, i got to speak to the staff and the woman who runs the hospital she was so amazing and sweet. I asked if i could go and see the children, i climbed the stairs and my uncle had so much fear in him but i and my sister conquered and entered the room. Once i entered, i thought i was going to cry but i didn't i was strong. These children were smiling, they were so happy and i was able to play with them. Love is all they need, show them love don't discriminate them.
I didn't even think about what i gave anymore, i just wanted to play with them and learn from them. i was so grateful and thankful to God for everything he has done for me and my family.
Giving goes a long way, you never know what someone is going through giving is not just about giving someone who is need, or someone who asks for something. Its about helping your friends too, sometimes your friend might be in a tight financial situation and may need your help. DONT laugh at them, or make fun of them, or ask their story you don't need to know all of that. All you need to do is just give them if you have, and if you don't be there for them. Many of us forget the reason for giving and become too proud. Don't forget even if you have all the degrees in the world, and you have the biggest company ever without giving and God  you are nothing. All of that can become nothing in a second, you never know tomorrow. Don't make fun of people if they don't have,  nobody knows tomorrow.
Now Giving in church, many students think they should be exempted from tithes and offering. Why? some of us give the excuse that you're not working, its your parents money and all that. This doesn't matter, you should still give and it will all come back to you. Give what you have, even if its a dollar nothing is to small at least show that you are interested in giving. Proverbs 3:27 says "Do not withhold good from those to whom it is due,when it is in your power to do it" Give guys its not only rewarding but theres a feeling you get knowing you are part of the change to someones life and to society.

Thank you so much for reading
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What do you see when you look at this picture? . do you just see a man who is stupid and trying to see if he can prove his stupidity to the world? or do you see a man who believes that he can do all things through christ who strengthens him, a man who believes that his going to reach that mountain and nothing is going to stop him. 
What is Faith? Faith means being sure of the things we hope for and believing that it is real even if we don't see it. Hebrews 11:1 "Now faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen" 
My first question was what do you see when you look at this picture, my reason was some of us need to change the way we see and think about things. The way you see things is the way you react to them . We all use faith in our daily lives, for example you order food at a restaurant and they call you to come pick up your order, driving down to that restaurant is an act of faith because you believe that your order is ready for pick up or you call a taxi and they say its down in 4minutes, you going downstairs in the cold is an act of faith because you believe the taxi is coming even if you haven't seen it. 
These are some examples of how we experience faith in our daily lives. Faith is amazing, how do you acquire faith? you need to trust God and what he says(the bible) his words. it was by faith that noah obeyed God and built the ark, he didn't see what was going to happen . It was by faith that Abraham became a father, he believed and trusted God that he can do all things. 
Sometimes your faith can be challenged yes very true , but what if God is testing you?. Many of us we need something that is beyond us and then we turn to GOD  which is good but once we get this thing, we just turn our backs , stop praying as hard as you did to get it.
you need to continue to pray to secure it , you shouldn't just pray because you need something. some of us we don't get what we want and then we decide God does not loves us. NO NO! God loves you more than anything, because you didn't get it yet does not mean he does not  love you he loves you so much. Maybe its not the right time, or he is even going to bless you with more than you expected . God is so amazing he knows when you need something. You might think you need something now but trust me if only GOD opened your eyes to see some things you'll thank him for not having it now. 
Now my personal experience with Faith, I've had so many experiences, someone really close to me was really sick and it looked really bad , this person was shaking and could not talk, could not see who was talking. i called my pastor and explained to him, he was there and prayed with me and said to have faith that all was well. It was so hard for me to believe these words from his mouth, i cried everyday, i had sleepless nights, i could not eat or do anything. I spoke to my very close friend Emeka bless his soul, he was always reminding me of the Bible and faith for me to believe that GOD is with me and i had nothing to worry about, he was so strong for me. we spoke every day, i would sleep at the hospital, this person didn't speak to me, i watched this person go through so much pain and i had lost all hope everything. This was during the time i just converted to Christianity, the devil is such a bastard don't let him manipulate you please. I had so much thoughts in my head, sucidal thoughts, tears became my best friend. Thank God for the amazing church i go to and all the elders, as i kept speaking to my Pastor he reminded me of Faith and God's love. All of a sudden, i started praying, smiling, i believed this person was going to be well again, i started declaring what i wanted, quoting bible verses. I went to the hospital and was smiling, this person started becoming better and could talk. i believed and had faith that nothing bad would happen to this person, no evil or weapon fashioned against me and my family shall prosper. I used this bible verse a lot "Greater is he who is in me, than he who is in the world" i said it everyday and spoke in tongues for hours crying to GOD and this person was well i was so happy because God came through for me again
That was an act of faith, i prayed as if the person was already very well , i prayed for what i wanted and i believed. you can't just pray and not believe what you're saying or proclaiming.  One of the most amazing moments of my life, the day i started speaking in tongues bless Ifeoma Mojekwu and Sassilka Shallangwa for taking me to their church. 
I went to Toronto on holiday for easter break, that was during the times i made up my mind to be saved. This was in January 2014, i went to this church to pray with them and then i met the Deaconess of the church bless her soul, she asked me what my name was and all that, i told her then she asked me can you speak in tongues? i said i can't but i would really love to . She told me all i needed to do was believe, i was like how would i do this? she held my hand and said just speak its in you. I was like "AMEN'' she's like stop saying amen and speak theres something waiting for you to activate with your mouth, just say it speak. We sat there for a while, she didn't give up on me i started speaking i could not believe it, i started crying. I went to ifeoma and sassy, they were so happy for me . told my pastor everyone it was the best day of my life i could not understand how it all happened but i had faith and believed that there was something in me which was the Holy spirit. Lol i was always checking to see it had not gone by praying with it  for that whole week i didn't pray the normal one i did , i was always speaking in tongues to pray.  i was so excited, since then i knew who i was in christ. You need to know who you are and what your walking in, you need to know what you carry. God is amazing. Another example of how i experienced Faith was when i needed to travel and my visa had expired, i booked my ticket everything and this visa wasn't still out. I prayed and spoke to my pastors about what was going on and how i needed my passport to travel, he told me to have faith that if God wants me to be there and travel i would be there. So i declared that i would get my passport before i travel and changed the date to a week after the initial date of the ticket with faith and i got my passport right on time and i was able to travel. Thats an act of faith, i didn't see it yet(the passport) but i trusted God because he is able. 
Please please guys don't miss out on what GOD is doing, and don't think you can't be saved and also have a social life many of us make that mistake. you can have a social life just know what your doing and always ask yourself what am doing or where i am is it pleasing God? intent is very important your intentions and mind  . Proverbs 13:9 ."The light of the righteous shines brightly, but the lamp of the wicked is snuffled out" . Remember that.  I am not a perfect christian, i still have my flaws and imperfections but i am working on them. I know my weaknesses and am learning how to deal with them through prayer and  talking to my pastor, friends in christ and elders. 

Thank you so much for taking the time to read and i hope you were blessed as you read this, may the lord continue to be with you and if you have any questions whatsoever please feel free to leave a comment or email me.