Monday 23 February 2015

Hey guys, hope you guys had an amazing weekend and a blessed sunday. I hope you all went to church, the bible says where two or more are gathered the presence of the lord is among them, so always do your best and go to church.
Not just that, You never know when your word will come, the lord uses his servants to pass messages across to us. Some of us might be going through some issues and need God to speak but you feel like he hasn't spoken, if you come to church you just never know when that word will come and thats when God will just speak. Please try not to miss church, don't let the devil use you by letting other things come first before your own lord and don't be too big to praise him.

Have a blessed week guys and God bless


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  1. Thanks darling, the weekend was fab, I had a lot to do but i still managed to sleep to my heart's
    Hope u have an amazing week ahead. love you muchos