Tuesday 24 February 2015

The ball is in your court

In life you need to separate yourself from certain people in order to know where God is taking you. You can't please everyone neither can you try to be on everyone's good side.
People will always talk and see something in you that is wrong, but Guys this is where God comes in and you.  You need to sit down and ask yourself some certain questions, talk to God about it as well and listen to what he says. People are always going to talk whether its good or bad, this is where you then make a Choice to listen or to ignore them.
  This month has been one hell of a ride for me, I've learnt so much about myself,  friends, family, God , life and school.  God just showed me everything, before i decided to make this blog I've been thinking about it for a while but i didn't just give it that much attention.Since i started I've felt nothing more than joy and happiness from within like its not fake. I've been so happy with my life and so content with everything.  I use to complain a lot , i use to be the one to make efforts in friendships and all that, be too nice,  care so much about people, be too open to people, be too warm and friendly i use to compromise as well, i use to care what people thought or how they felt about me. Then i looked at myself after speaking to an amazing amazing person who has encouraged me so well with this journey, i looked at all these aspects and i was so disappointed in myself. Don't ever ever let anybody be the source of your happiness or joy. Don't ever let someone bring you down because darling you're a King and a Queen seated in heavenly places. Nobody has the right or the source to your happiness except you. Don't let no one tell you otherwise. Change is constant, if you feel you need to act in some certain ways so God can really show you the way then go ahead because in the end you were born alone into this cruel word. You don't owe no ONE any explanation for what you do.  You are who you are and if they don't like it then they are not really who you call them. Not everyone will place you the same way you place them, not everyone will do the things you can do for them thats just life. Greatness can only be seen when you choose to come out of the crowd, the ball is in your court enough of all this, life is not that personal. Don't make petty things bother you, things that don't even matter theres so much to do with your time honey than for you to care what people think. If they don't appreciate you then thats fine sweetie because you don't need everyone to accept you, the LORD accepts you thats more than enough. MAN can't do nothing for you. In the presence of the lord, there is fullness of joy so get all those petty things off your mind. You won't notice how strong you are until you create an atmosphere  for your expression. Someone sent me this saying "you need to find a company of people that will help you develop into what your world can celebrate". The seed of greatness is in you so please cultivate the right  environment.  Remember the enemy's worst fear is when you get to know exactly who you are, don't let the world tell you what you're not. Start taking control of your life . Revaluate guys as your life changes so will your circle its just growth happening don't try to mend it. And never give expectations to anyone.

Hava a blessed day guys


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