Thursday 19 February 2015


What do you see when you look at this picture? . do you just see a man who is stupid and trying to see if he can prove his stupidity to the world? or do you see a man who believes that he can do all things through christ who strengthens him, a man who believes that his going to reach that mountain and nothing is going to stop him. 
What is Faith? Faith means being sure of the things we hope for and believing that it is real even if we don't see it. Hebrews 11:1 "Now faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen" 
My first question was what do you see when you look at this picture, my reason was some of us need to change the way we see and think about things. The way you see things is the way you react to them . We all use faith in our daily lives, for example you order food at a restaurant and they call you to come pick up your order, driving down to that restaurant is an act of faith because you believe that your order is ready for pick up or you call a taxi and they say its down in 4minutes, you going downstairs in the cold is an act of faith because you believe the taxi is coming even if you haven't seen it. 
These are some examples of how we experience faith in our daily lives. Faith is amazing, how do you acquire faith? you need to trust God and what he says(the bible) his words. it was by faith that noah obeyed God and built the ark, he didn't see what was going to happen . It was by faith that Abraham became a father, he believed and trusted God that he can do all things. 
Sometimes your faith can be challenged yes very true , but what if God is testing you?. Many of us we need something that is beyond us and then we turn to GOD  which is good but once we get this thing, we just turn our backs , stop praying as hard as you did to get it.
you need to continue to pray to secure it , you shouldn't just pray because you need something. some of us we don't get what we want and then we decide God does not loves us. NO NO! God loves you more than anything, because you didn't get it yet does not mean he does not  love you he loves you so much. Maybe its not the right time, or he is even going to bless you with more than you expected . God is so amazing he knows when you need something. You might think you need something now but trust me if only GOD opened your eyes to see some things you'll thank him for not having it now. 
Now my personal experience with Faith, I've had so many experiences, someone really close to me was really sick and it looked really bad , this person was shaking and could not talk, could not see who was talking. i called my pastor and explained to him, he was there and prayed with me and said to have faith that all was well. It was so hard for me to believe these words from his mouth, i cried everyday, i had sleepless nights, i could not eat or do anything. I spoke to my very close friend Emeka bless his soul, he was always reminding me of the Bible and faith for me to believe that GOD is with me and i had nothing to worry about, he was so strong for me. we spoke every day, i would sleep at the hospital, this person didn't speak to me, i watched this person go through so much pain and i had lost all hope everything. This was during the time i just converted to Christianity, the devil is such a bastard don't let him manipulate you please. I had so much thoughts in my head, sucidal thoughts, tears became my best friend. Thank God for the amazing church i go to and all the elders, as i kept speaking to my Pastor he reminded me of Faith and God's love. All of a sudden, i started praying, smiling, i believed this person was going to be well again, i started declaring what i wanted, quoting bible verses. I went to the hospital and was smiling, this person started becoming better and could talk. i believed and had faith that nothing bad would happen to this person, no evil or weapon fashioned against me and my family shall prosper. I used this bible verse a lot "Greater is he who is in me, than he who is in the world" i said it everyday and spoke in tongues for hours crying to GOD and this person was well i was so happy because God came through for me again
That was an act of faith, i prayed as if the person was already very well , i prayed for what i wanted and i believed. you can't just pray and not believe what you're saying or proclaiming.  One of the most amazing moments of my life, the day i started speaking in tongues bless Ifeoma Mojekwu and Sassilka Shallangwa for taking me to their church. 
I went to Toronto on holiday for easter break, that was during the times i made up my mind to be saved. This was in January 2014, i went to this church to pray with them and then i met the Deaconess of the church bless her soul, she asked me what my name was and all that, i told her then she asked me can you speak in tongues? i said i can't but i would really love to . She told me all i needed to do was believe, i was like how would i do this? she held my hand and said just speak its in you. I was like "AMEN'' she's like stop saying amen and speak theres something waiting for you to activate with your mouth, just say it speak. We sat there for a while, she didn't give up on me i started speaking i could not believe it, i started crying. I went to ifeoma and sassy, they were so happy for me . told my pastor everyone it was the best day of my life i could not understand how it all happened but i had faith and believed that there was something in me which was the Holy spirit. Lol i was always checking to see it had not gone by praying with it  for that whole week i didn't pray the normal one i did , i was always speaking in tongues to pray.  i was so excited, since then i knew who i was in christ. You need to know who you are and what your walking in, you need to know what you carry. God is amazing. Another example of how i experienced Faith was when i needed to travel and my visa had expired, i booked my ticket everything and this visa wasn't still out. I prayed and spoke to my pastors about what was going on and how i needed my passport to travel, he told me to have faith that if God wants me to be there and travel i would be there. So i declared that i would get my passport before i travel and changed the date to a week after the initial date of the ticket with faith and i got my passport right on time and i was able to travel. Thats an act of faith, i didn't see it yet(the passport) but i trusted God because he is able. 
Please please guys don't miss out on what GOD is doing, and don't think you can't be saved and also have a social life many of us make that mistake. you can have a social life just know what your doing and always ask yourself what am doing or where i am is it pleasing God? intent is very important your intentions and mind  . Proverbs 13:9 ."The light of the righteous shines brightly, but the lamp of the wicked is snuffled out" . Remember that.  I am not a perfect christian, i still have my flaws and imperfections but i am working on them. I know my weaknesses and am learning how to deal with them through prayer and  talking to my pastor, friends in christ and elders. 

Thank you so much for taking the time to read and i hope you were blessed as you read this, may the lord continue to be with you and if you have any questions whatsoever please feel free to leave a comment or email me. 


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  1. This really touched me. Thank you so much for this amazing piece. My journey with faith has also taught me that faith is all in the action, taking that next step even when you can see the landing. I have been blessed by this....Thanks again