Saturday 28 February 2015

So today i was watching a video i recorded on my phone of my brother answering some questions about his wife and their relationship. As of then she was still his fiancé, and i just came to a conclusion that love is a beautiful thing when you find the right person.
   Love is so beautiful, you won't even need to be told before you know thats the right person because everything will just fall in place and it'll all start to make sense why the others didn't work.
  They are so cheerful, they love each other so much not just by them saying it but you can see it from the way they talk, the way my brother answered those questions with so much love in his heart.
 It is truly a beautiful thing, i believe everyone has a soulmate honestly. I mean don't get me wrong obviously you guys are going to argue its normal for couples to argue. But all those petty issues and all, it'll just be different and you'll know. Their love is also built on an amazing foundation which is God, once you have God i believe everything will work out well.
So guys please don't settle for less or compromise for anyone because you want to get married, or because most of your friends are in relationships . Don't do that, don't waste your time on someone who is not worth it, don't waste your time on someone who would make you say"i wish i didn't, only if i had".  Don't waste your time on relationships that won't take you anywhere or relationships that don't have a foundation of God in it.
Theres no way it'll work out if God isn't the foundation. just wait for the right one and trust me it will be worth the wait.
Have a blessed day guys

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