Tuesday 6 September 2016

A bus has one destination but has several stops. Every one could enter the same bus, but are not going to the same destination.  Nobody tells you when to stop, you decide which is your stop and then you come down.

In life there are stops, if you don't decide which is your stop and get off it keeps moving.
You decide when to stop, move, act, live because the ball is in your court.

Are you waiting on someone to tell you when to act?

The world is your sketch book , you decide what you want to paint on it .

Purging state

Purging state is when your spirit is getting rid of what is harmful or undesirable to your next level.
 There will come a stage in your life where it will feel like you are lonely and have no friends or anyone but God.  That is your purging state.

In that state be very attentive and sensitive to every thing going on around you. God will speak and continue to pour into you on everything you need for whats next.  It will feel like there is no one to talk, you will be set apart from so many habits, behaviours, attitudes and ways just for what he wants to do in you. So many people miss this state of their life and go into depression, or feel like there is something wrong with them. There is absolutely nothing wrong, you are just being set apart for whats next.

He is getting you prepared for something way bigger than you, in other for that to happen you need to be purged from every thing.  This season is very necessary for your spiritual growth. It might look like loneliness and the devil will make it feel like that, but you need to understand that it is your purging state. This state will build you up, teach you so many things and will give you so much power against the devil.  You might not have the urge to socialize  as much, you may seem quiet than normal, you may be set apart from that group of people or set apart from that old lifestyle. You will just be on your own. Be very sensitive to what God is saying at that time, get quiet and pour into your spirit by feeding yourself with the word, get revelations on that vision God has told you but has not been clear, read books that will help you grow spiritually and mentally.

In other for God to Pour, there will be a purge.

Remember you are never alone.


He who finds part 2

He who finds


Fear is an emotion or a feeling that can sometimes live us vulnerable.

What does the bible say about fear ? God says he did not give us the spirit of fear but that of a sound mind.

Fear is something that at a point in our lives we have all experienced it one way or the other. Fear of starting what God said you should or fear of not being who you truly are, it could come in any form.

What exactly can you be afraid of that God does not have in control. The fear of man lays a snare, but whoever trusts in the lord is safe. Who are you putting your trust in? Humans just like you? Put your trust in the lord and with prayer and supplication let your requests be made known to God.

Enough of this fear that holds many captive. The world is waiting on you, everyone has a reason why they are here and that is Purpose. Fear can stop that purpose from getting to where it is meant to be, and who holds that fear? YOU. So at the end of the day who is limiting you its yourself.

Deal with that fear, ask yourself questions, pray about it. Do not let the fear of the unknown put you where you are not supposed to be .

Stand up to that fear today, what you don't face will keep coming back.

Face it and let the devil know you are a winner



What does hope mean to you?
   According to the dictionary, hope means a feeling of expectation or desire for something to happen. Now i am asking what does it mean for you to hope for something?

 Hope can be you waiting on that job, that vision, that dream or that issue. whatever it is, you are hoping that one day it will come to pass.

What is your hope being tied to? Is it tied to positive thinking or negative thinking?
Your thoughts are very important. What you think of yourself is very important.

You need to think big and don't let anyone make you feel less of yourself
The only person who can stop you is YOU when your Hope dies.

Your hope should never die, others might not see what you are seeing concerning your life but you see it and God does thats all that matters. When it starts to manifest everyone else sees it.

Don't give up on that dream or goal.  That dream or vision is like a lamp that is put on the table and gives light to the room. When you lose your hope, you put that lamp off and bury it under the table.

So today  i ask you, what are you seeing concerning this dream or vision or situation? Have you put that vision under the table?  

Don't ever lose your hope. Thats one of the first steps to getting to where you want to be . Knowing that you can do it and it will come to pass.

Put that light on today and think positively regarding whatever it is.