Tuesday 6 September 2016

Purging state

Purging state is when your spirit is getting rid of what is harmful or undesirable to your next level.
 There will come a stage in your life where it will feel like you are lonely and have no friends or anyone but God.  That is your purging state.

In that state be very attentive and sensitive to every thing going on around you. God will speak and continue to pour into you on everything you need for whats next.  It will feel like there is no one to talk, you will be set apart from so many habits, behaviours, attitudes and ways just for what he wants to do in you. So many people miss this state of their life and go into depression, or feel like there is something wrong with them. There is absolutely nothing wrong, you are just being set apart for whats next.

He is getting you prepared for something way bigger than you, in other for that to happen you need to be purged from every thing.  This season is very necessary for your spiritual growth. It might look like loneliness and the devil will make it feel like that, but you need to understand that it is your purging state. This state will build you up, teach you so many things and will give you so much power against the devil.  You might not have the urge to socialize  as much, you may seem quiet than normal, you may be set apart from that group of people or set apart from that old lifestyle. You will just be on your own. Be very sensitive to what God is saying at that time, get quiet and pour into your spirit by feeding yourself with the word, get revelations on that vision God has told you but has not been clear, read books that will help you grow spiritually and mentally.

In other for God to Pour, there will be a purge.

Remember you are never alone.


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