Monday 4 May 2015

Always remember that there's an army always rising up for your case.

  Sometimes, things never go the way you want them especially in life. It could be relationship wise, friendship wise, or even in your school or work place or your family.

But never give up, do not let the voice of the crowd interfere with what God is saying to you.

There is always a sound that precedes the move of God.  When it doesn't go your way, sing your way out of that situation praise him and worship him.  If you need to cry, cry it out and talk to your father. Do not let your situation become King over your life.

Many of us God speaks to us everyday, but we don't hear that voice because of the crowd
 So many things matter when God is involved in your life, you need to die to flesh and be spiritually minded.

What do I mean by crowd? Your environment, way of thinking, your spiritual life is it still alive ?

You need to declare what you want for yourself and speak to God. You didn't come to this life to suffer or be sad. You have your purpose and your own race and your mission.

The most important question is are you on another person's lane? are you running another person's race ? .  Nothing bad comes from God, it comes from the devil. You need to be prayerful;, be a warrior for God.

Many of us are troubled by so many issues that shouldn't even matter, why should you be worried when your God is the creator of heaven and earth, the beginning and the end.

Listen to God today, drop your past life and speak to him. He forgives and loves endlessly.

You need to know who you are because if you do , you wont shed a tear for anything or be worried.

Have a blessed day

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