Tuesday 31 March 2015

When life hits you so hard and you don't know where else to go, who do you turn to? is it God or your friends and family?

The road is not going to be easy, nothing good comes cheap.
Obstacles would come your way, people would talk but don't let that weigh you down.
You are beautiful, you are amazing and nobody should make you think otherwise
We all have a purpose in life, no one came here to be poor or sad or jobless
We are all going to be successful, just find your way with God and always focus.
Remember who you are, what you walk in and what you carry

Who are you? You are the daughter or son of the most high God
What do you walk in? You walk in light, in power, in miracles and many more.
What do you carry? You carry anointing, grace, favour and many more.

Don't let your situation be the reason why you wont praise God or pray
Things might not be going well, school might be hard and there is this course not going well, there is this person at work makes it miserable for you. You might even feel like a failure and a loser but don't give up, keep trying never give up and always pray make sure that you're doing everything right with God.

We are all lost without God, you have to be desperate for him don't be too big.
Cry out to him that you are hungry for him
Sometimes words are not enough to express ourselves , sing worship songs to him
Praise him and honour him.

Remember you are not alone, don't ever think because you have sinned God will never forgive you just repent because then the old life is gone and the new life has started. Also, learn to forgive yourself whatever you did its in the past now.

Never give up, your circumstances do not define you we all go through issues in our everyday lives, the world does not have to know something is wrong with you, just smile it off and pray everything will be okay. When you start telling people and showing signs that things are not going well, you have given room for the devil to enter and manipulate you.

Smile always, make those haters mad most of all the devil because you really have no worries he is with you and will always be. Never give up, chase your dreams even if you fail pick yourself back up and chase what you believe in with hard-work and prayer everything will be okay.

Remember as well that there is time for everything, if something doesn't work out now does not mean it wont maybe thats not your time yet. Just keep praying everything will make sense sooner and you will be thankful that it didn't come when you wanted it because you were not ready then.

Do not care what people have to say, let me be honest with you people would insult you, make you feel less of a person but ignore them and keep doing you with God everything will be okay and its never ever too late to be what you want to be.

Have a blessed day guys

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