Wednesday 4 March 2015

Don't give in to the devil. Happy new month
March is the beginning of supernatural blessings, dont let anyone tell you otherwise
Be happy, this life thing no one really knows how it works
We are all just doing our best and with God on our side everything will be great

These past days haven't been so easy but don't give up
Don't let the devil manipulate you
You see an idle mind is the devil's workshop
Get yourself busy, that way you don't need to think so much

Worrying is such a waste of time
Why worry when you can turn it into prayer
What you want or think you need might not come now, but trust me it will come at the perfect time
Things might not be working well for you but with your friends its the other way
You might wonder whats going on dosen't God love me just be calm
Don't be jealous, instead rejoice with them and even pray with them and God will do it for you

Seek him, seeking is praying according to the will of God
Let your request be made known to him
Don't close your mouth and expect anything to happen
A closed mouth is a closed destiny

Remember Demons don't respect title, they respect anointing


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